Cutting charlock / wild mustard in canola / rape seed

This is a picture shot by Mats Wennberg at his farm in Sweden. He used CombCut to cut charlock / wild mustard above his crop of rape seed / canola. Charlock was about 30 – 40 cm above canola so it was kind of hard to do it.


Photo: Mats  Wennberg

But the parts on his fieled were he did this, canola later grew very strong and vigorous and suppressed the charlock very good. Due to large amount of biomass from the cut charlock it was a little bit hard for the machine. But he said if the charlock would have been only 10-20 cm above canola all would be very easy. He also concluded that “if I just had the energy to continue with the cut of the charlock that day I would have earned a lot of more money this season… :-)”

Thanks mats for your nice picture and for the info

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