New strategy gave new name to the company

LyckeGård Group AB´s name before was Just Common Sense Europe AB, but in connection with a strategic directional change the company also changed its name. LyckeGård sells the unique weed cutter CombCut to organic farmers in Sweden, other europeans countries as well as North Amerika.

The company JustCommonSense AB was founded ten years ago by the inventor and organic farmer Jonas Carlsson from the village Lyckeby outside Karlskrona in the southeast of Sweden. The idea to the innovative weedcutter came when Jonas had big issues to control his weeds, especially thistles in his crops. To use chemical weed control systems was not an alternative, so there and then was the machine to control thistles and other weeds born. After many sleepless nights and many hours in the workshop, finally he had a new machine to sell to an organic farmer in south of Sweden the year 2009.

New strategy
Now almost ten years later CombCut is sold in 15 countries and the market is growing in the same pace as the transformation to more organic production is taking place as well as the demand for methods of mechincal weed control is growing. We also see an increasing interest from conventional farmers who wishes to reduce their use of chemicals like pesticide. In conclusion, more and more farmers see advantages with organic production and to contribute to a sustainable farming and a healthier food production.

During the autumn a market analysis was conducted which resulted in a new direction for the company. “There is a demand and a need of our knowledge about methods of mechanical weed control and we see potential to increase our cooperation with customers and partners while expanding our product portfolio, says Larry Svensson chairman of the board of the company.

The origin of the name
The name LyckeGård comes from the company’s origin, Gård means farm in Swedish and the first product CombCut was developed and created, by a farmer for farmers, on a farm outside the village Lyckeby in Sweden. The name also stands for swedish innovation on an international market, knowledge and focus of contributing to a sustainable farming and a food production with healthier farmers, consumers and environment.


”This feels very exciting”, says the new CEO of the company Christian Bjärntoft. “We have a great potential to get out new and current products to the market via our global distribution network focusing mostly on organic farmers. We will be able to give better support to our distributors and end-users by adding new products and services to our portfolio. The fact that we now also have a new brand and company profile will strengthen us even more on the market, concludes Christian Bjärntoft.

About LyckeGård
LyckeGård Group AB develops and sells innovative weed cutter CombCut. Sales and distribution is going via local distributors to 15 countries, mostly in Europé but also in North America. With increasing global organic production of cereals and other crops, the total market for Lyckegård increases. The target is to grow sales in current but also new markets. The owners includes Almi Invest and Entreprenörinvest Sverige AB, owned by the Kamprad family.

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