LyckeGård 10 years - hurray!

In May 2009, our first CombCut was sold to an organic farmer in Skåne in south of Sweden. Since then, several weed cutters have found new owners around Sweden, the rest of Europe, North America and Asia.

 It is 10 years since the company Just Common Sense AB was formed by the innovator and organic farmer Jonas Carlsson from Lyckeby nearby the city Karlskrona in the south of Sweden.
The idea for the weed cutter CombCut came up when Jonas got big problems with thistles in his crops. Using chemical weed control was no alternative, so there and then when Jonas went to think about the problem and at the same time "combing" the fields with his hands, the idea was born of a machine that would be able to fight thistles and other weeds mechanically by utilizing the physical difference between the weeds and the crop. After many sleepless nights and several hours in the workshop, the first machine was sold in may 2009.

 Just Common Sense has since then changed its name and is now called LyckeGård Group AB. The fact that we have been a company for 10 years and have changed our name is worth celebrating and we shall of course do so.

Watch out - we will celebrate in slightly different ways throughout the year!

NewsCarina Appelqvist