Mechanical weed control
with CombCut

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 Reduce weed in growing crop without using herbicide

Using our unique technology you are able to fight weed by combing in the lower part of the crop, selectively cutting the weed and letting the crop grow further. Better for the producer, the consumer and the environment.

CombCut was developed to fight weed in cereals, ley and pasture but can also be used to treat beans, onions, corn and carrots.

CombCut in brief:

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A unique patented Swedish method for mechanical weed control

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Developed by an organic farmer for a tillage free from herbicide

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Energy efficient and adapted for low horsepower tractors

 More about CombCut

Would you like to know more about CombCut and how you can reduce weed without using herbicide? Below you will find information about how CombCut works, weeds that can be treated and some tips and advices on how to use CombCut.


Treating weed

Learn more about treating weed and what kinds of crop CombCut works on.



Here are some examples of how you can use CombCut on your specific crop.


How does it work?

Using CombCut, the weed is cut close to the ground without hurting the crop.


Tips and advices

Here you will find tips and advices on how you can use your CombCut.

 Want to know even more?

Below you will find video, brochures, technical specifications, research findings and more.

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Videos with instructions, tests and demos of CombCut.

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Technical specifications

Below you will find the technical specifications about CombCut.



Download our brochure with product information about CombCut.

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Read about the research findings that have been made about CombCut and weed control.

Book a demo

Do you want to see CombCut in action? Perhaps you your own fields? Contact us to book a demo.