About us

Products developed by farmers, for farmers

In the early 2000s, the organic farmer Jonas Carlsson walked along his fields in the south-east of Sweden. He had big troubles with thistles on his cereal crops. One day, as he stroke his hands through the growing crop and weed, he got the idea how he would solve this problem. This was the foundation for the CombCut patent, which is based on the idea of using the difference in stiffness between the weed and the crop. This makes it possible to comb the crop and cut the weed in cereals and ley. 

Ten years have passed since the first CombCut was sold in Sweden and today it is sold in numerous countries around the world. Jonas says that it has been an adventurous and learning journey that has made him grow as a person. He says that, in order to develop a sustainable farming, we need lots of new innovations and ideas for how to solve the problems of the future. A mindset that characterizes the company today. He hopes as well that his work with CombCut will inspire more farmers to develop their ideas into new solutions and products that make organic farming even more successful in the future.


The company supports sustainable farming

We apply mechanical solutions to weed related problems in several types of crop. We want to contribute to less use of pesticide in farming, simply because it’s better for the farmer, the environment but also for our plants and the food we eat.

The possibilities for Lyckegård are many and some of them are still unprocessed. Better knowledge and solutions for weed control are prerequisites for organic farming.

The global journey of CombCut

CombCut has been sold in numerous countries in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and Japan. Even if the crops are more or less the same in these countries, of course, the weed pressure varies depending on the region, the continent and the climate. Therefore, close collaborations with local farmers constitute an important part of the strategy to reach new markets and to maximize the efficiency of CombCut in the specific area. 

The current ownership is constituted by the founder Jonas Carlsson, Almi Invest, Entreprenörsinvest as well as a number of private investors that support our continuous work in creating the prerequisites for farmers to a sustainable production. The people working at Lyckegård today are Jonas, Christian, Carina, Joel, Larry, Alex, Hans, Helena and Thomas.


Lyckegård in short


→ We develop and sell innovative solutions to farmers focusing on mechanical control of weed and pests providing a positive impact on the producer, the consumer and the environment.

→ We want to contribute to a sustainable farming and a healthy food production for farmers, consumers and our environment.

→ Through our knowledge and our products, we strive to give farmers the right conditions to carry a sustainable production that generates both economical and personal wealth and provides healthy food to the consumers.